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Classical Piano
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Ana Ortiz Wienken is a Spanish - Romanian Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Editor and Orchestrator with a solid career in Classical Composition and Performance. She studied under Professor Yuri Annaniev, alumn of master pianist Dimitri Bashkirov. 


She has performed numerous times at Spain's recognised venue "Real Sociedad Económica Matritense de Amigos del País". Madrid's illustrious society of elite writers, composer, funders and politicians. Another famous venue where Ms. Ortiz has performed is the "Teatro Gran Maestre", Madrid's capital theater where the most of the busiest events take place such as politic elections and public speeches. Ana's performance work has taken her to play in other countries as well like Italy, Hungary, Germany, Panamá, and USA.

Ana currently combines composition and teaching in her studio's headquarters in Madrid, Spain. 

"As a composer, you are also your own producer!
It is you you facing the world"

                                                             - RITMO Magazine - Interview

"I like to experiment, to mix the organic sound of a classical orchestra with electronic music, this is how I brand my personal style..."

                                                             - Link Music Magazine - Interview

                                                                - ArtistRack Press - Article/Interview

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